Welcome to Shree Goverdhan Charitable Trust Mumbai .

Who we are

Five years ago, we discovered the shree Govardhan charitable trust. The underbelly of the India basically in Mumbai. And yet, it was a life they had chosen in preference to home and family - which had obviously become entirely intolerable. There is so much missing from the lives of the children - food, security, health, love, education. All these, we urged ourselves, they needed and had a right to. A secure space to sleep, to play, and to dream. That is why shree govardhan charitable trust, SGC, was created.

Our status

Shree Govardhan charitable Trust is an Indian trust which provides support for street and working children in the inner cities of India basically in Mumbai. We established in 2009 with the proceeds vulnerabilities of street children.

Our meaning

Shree Govardhan charitables Trust translates literally as "salute the child". Indeed, we welcome all children without distinction of gender, religion or caste until the age of 18 years old. We "salute" them by welcoming them in our shelter and providing them the basic needs that all children deserve.